Our Elementary Community

A Montessori distance learning option for elementary students

Students at home still need structure, connection, and an educational approach optimized for their independence and confidence. Our virtual Montessori programming brings the whole Montessori approach into your home. Connect your child with Guidepost Montessori’s world-class educators and hands-on curriculum.

Introducing Our Virtual Elementary Program

The Montessori methodology is naturally suited to meaningful learning at home. The Guidepost Montessori elementary program, adapted to an online format, fosters a love of serious learning with a focus on the whole child. Children will have opportunities to learn, problem solve, develop independence, hone their interpersonal and time management skills, explore creative outlets, and pursue individual interests.

We offer a full-day program, supported by parents, to meet needs of your child. Program elements include:

  • A Montessori learning community. Your child will form connections with a group of peers that is deliberately mixed in age to provide a richer social experience.

  • A Montessori guide. Your child’s learning experience will be shaped and supported by a trained Montessori educator who offers tailored lessons, along with personalized feedback and support.

  • A hands-on Montessori curriculum. At the center of Montessori elementary education are learning materials that bring abstract concepts in every subject area within reach. Our virtual program offers digitized versions of many materials—but also provides physical materials for use at home, and even guidance to students in creating their own materials. Initial materials and our home setup consultation is included in the fee.

  • A digital learning platform. Guidepost Elementary Album allows for your child’s Montessori guide to organize your child’s learning, lesson by lesson and topic by topic, and to provide clear tracking and meaningful feedback. And it allows for your child to become increasingly independent in organizing her own work.

  • Personalized parenting support. 4 weeks of support from a Parent Concierge to help set up your child’s learning routine and troubleshoot challenges.

You can read more about the Montessori curriculum and pedagogy here.


Students vary in their levels of independence, tech-savviness, and learning needs, but generally, our program is designed for students to engage in regular learning activities independent of active oversight from parents. To enable a smooth transition into the program, we recommend that parents provide support in the first week or two, particularly in helping students navigate technology (e.g. logging into the classroom, muting and unmuting, ensuring their video is on). But ongoing, real-time support needed from parents is limited.

About Us

Guidepost Montessori has virtual programs across the world, at-home programs across the country, and more than 65 brick-and-mortar schools. We have the programmatic expertise, support, and professional infrastructure to offer high-quality, full-day Montessori programs virtually.

We are accepting applications for all programs. While we regularly open new physical schools and virtual classrooms, spots at any given time are limited, so we recommend you apply early to reserve enrollment for your child.

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