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A virtual schooling approach for children ages 0-5, and their parents

Young children need real-world engagement and the love and support of a locally present adult. Our virtual Montessori early years program helps with both.

We offer parents support and guidance in working towards a harmonious daily routine with your child, one where each of you have stretches of independent work. And we offer children impactful virtual experiences that help shape their mostly-offline days in a Montessori way.

  • For you: online resources and high-touch, online, personalized support. Our Montessori parenting experts will create an engaging schedule of activities for you and your child, and guide you through the process of setting expectations and establishing routines in an ongoing way.

  • For your child: virtual touch points and guidance: a circle time with follow-up activities, personalized Montessori presentations, and elective virtual programming such as yoga, dance, and art. All with a Montessori-trained guide.

  • For your home: kits of Montessori materials tuned to your child, and a consultation to optimize your home setup for your child’s independence.

With young children, there is no substitute for live adult mentors for a child’s development. Our virtual Montessori Guides can connect with children to provide a virtual role-model while equipping parents and caregivers with tools and insights to do so at home. Together, we work towards routine, concentrated work, diffusing challenging moments, and allowing for adults to have stretches of time to work, relax or just be adults!

Guidepost at Home

Need more time for yourself and care for your child? We can also bring educators to you or a small group of children in a home setting with our Guidepost at Home program.

Guidepost at Home brings quality Montessori care into your home with a Montessori-trained nanny or educator. And whether you’re looking for a nanny share with another family at one of your homes, small group pods, and/or full homeschool support, we can help.

Program Elements

To start things off, we offer an initial home setup consult, in which we help you set up environment and send basic set of materials, all included in your enrollment fee. As you continue, you’ll receive a regular package kit of educational Montessori materials equipping you and your child to foster growth and independence.

Then, as you begin in earnest, we’ll pair you with a Guidepost Parent Concierge: a team member who can offer expert, unlimited parent guidance to help set up routines, troubleshoot issues, and more.

Each day is a day structured by virtual touchpoints between your child and a Montessori guide. Mornings include:

  • Virtual circle time, combined with offline follow up activity

  • morning lessons through collaboration and direction of your child’s guide.

Afternoons include:

  • Independent work inspired by morning lessons

  • Daily elective special virtual programming (yoga, dance, etc.)


As your child grows, so do the virtual benefits. For our infants through age 2, you’ll have:

  • Regular Parent and Child virtual experiences to learn to work together with your child with games, songs, and developmentally appropriate engagement.

  • A weekly parent-meet up to chat as a group on specific infant and toddler related topics led by a Montessori expert with tips and tricks for aiding your child’s growth.

For children ages 2 to 3:

  • Virtual Classroom that runs for 90 minutes daily, Monday through Friday. During this time, your child’s Guide (our word for teacher) will be offering lessons in the Montessori curriculum, focusing primarily on Practical Life skills that will help develop your child’s independence and concertation, as well as working on emerging literacy skills, beginning with oral language games, letter sound and symbol recognition, and sound games.

  • 90 minutes is a lot. At first, and your child might partially participate, building up to consistent meaningful engagement.

For children ages 4 to 5:

  • A Virtual Classroom that runs for 90 minutes daily, Monday through Friday. During this time, your child’s Guide (our word for teacher) will be offering lessons in the Montessori curriculum, focusing primarily on math and reading and writing skills, as well as doing some Practical Life and movement activities.

  • This program uses Montessori materials online and inspires children to continue the work offline through cultivated follow-up activities.

In addition to the morning class time, your child will also be invited to 30 minute afternoon “electives” where they will be able to join classes such as yoga, art, etc.

Offline Parenting Support

Distance learning at this age is complemented when your child is able to complete follow up activities at home while offline. Although we will not physically be in your home to enable these activities, we will do everything we can to help support you in creating the conditions for your child to be successful outside of class, including:

An initial home setup consult. We will help you set up your home environment, and send you a set of basic materials (this will be included in the fee, and at no additional cost to you).

Parent Concierge access. You will have a designated expert at your fingertips! You can meet with your Parent Concierge as often as you like to help you set up routines, offer suggestions or troubleshoot any issues you may be having at home.

A regular check in meeting with your child’s Virtual Guide. In these meetings, you can discuss what your child is working on in class, and how you can support at home. Your Guide will also walk you through how to work with any materials in alignment with the Montessori program.

Community Access

If you’re near a Guidepost campus, you have access to participate in in-person events and join a larger community.

For parents, enrollment offers access to a global community of other families seeking to apply Montessori principles. You’ll even be able to take our parent training for free—or enroll in our full Montessori teacher training certificate course.

And should you choose, when you’re ready, you’ll be able to easily enroll your child in a local Guidepost school.

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