Meltdowns, Tantrums & Whining, Oh My!

Free Webinar

  • Wednesday April 29

  • 12:00PM–1:00PM

  • Online

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This webinar will discuss:

*Understanding what causes meltdowns, tantrums, and whining. 

*Helping your young child learn to manage big feelings in healthy ways. 

*Learning to set firm and clear limits with kindness.  

*Balance necessary discipline with respect for your child’s experience.  

Presented by: Lisa Kathleen 

Lisa Kathleen is a member of the Prepared Montessorian training team. She is an AMI-trained Montessori elementary guide and a parenting coach and parent educator with over 20 years of experience working with hundreds of families. Lisa Kathleen is passionate about Montessori and passionate about parenting. Her work with parents is upbeat, powerful, and engaging.