Montessori Together

A Parent and Child Workshop

Currently offered at select Guidepost Montessori locations, the Montessori Together workshop is a six-week, six-class series that parents and their children can attend together. Our workshop is open to both current Guidepost parents and to those interested in learning more about Montessori, how we apply Montessori principles in our classrooms, and how you can apply them with your child at home.

Your child’s early years establish the essential foundation of his or her personality, and are designed for your child to develop persistence, self-confidence, and self-direction. When parents work together with these natural tendencies, the child develops these ways of being with ease and joy. “Montessori Together” will help you to establish a strong foundation in the essential Montessori principles and practices that set the stage for a lifetime of connection with your child, and help you support your child to truly thrive.

Our Guidepost “Montessori Together” program will give you an introduction to Montessori principles and practices that you’ll enjoy using at home. While your child experiences Montessori learning in a pre-immersion environment, you’ll learn simple yet profound keys that will support you to engage your child in interesting activities, help your child develop focus, and inspire your child’s independent play skills. You’ll be amazed at just how much a young child is capable of as you watch your little one engage with Montessori activities!

Why Montessori Together?

This special program is a wonderful chance for your child to learn in a social setting; build confidence in new situations; experience Montessori activities that develop their hand, brain, and essential executive functioning skills; be exposed to a second language during a crucial period for brain development — and enjoy an outing with you!

At the same time, as a parent, you will develop a deeper understanding of your child and associated developmental stages; gain confidence; and be introduced to simple yet profound tools that will help you deepen your connection with your child, today and for years to come.

Each of our Montessori Together classes gives you the opportunity to practice a specific Montessori principle while your child engages in various activities in a Montessori classroom. You’ll go home from each class with a special keepsake commemorating your “Montessori Together” experience and supporting you to continue using key Montessori-style activities and principles at home.

Sign up for “Montessori Together”

We are currently offering this workshop at our Palo Alto, California campus and at our Reston campus in Herndon, Virginia.

Session times for Reston are:

  • Toddler (16 to 36 Months): Saturdays November 9–December 21*, 10–11:30am

Sign up for Reston Montessori Together here.

Session times for Palo Alto are:

  • Toddler (16 to 36 Months): Saturdays October 12–November 16, 9:30–11am

Sign up for Palo Alto Montessori Together here.

Please fill out a registration form for each child you’d like to register, and have your credit card ready to submit the $200 series fee. We look forward to meeting you!

*Montessori Together classes will not be held on Saturday, November 30.

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