Positive discipline workshop

  • Friday February 28

  • 5:30PM–7:00PM

  • Guidepost Montessori School at Magnificent Mile

We are hosting a parent educational night on Feb 28th from 5:30PM to 7:00PM focusing on positive discipline(childcare provide during the workshop). We invited Kristin Hovious, the founder of SEL, which provides coaching, courses and consulting to support educators and parents to foster powerful partnerships with children. She is currently serving Chicago Public Schools, Illinois State University’s Chicago Teacher Education programs, and private and parochial schools in Chicagoland. Kristin is specialized in positive discipline for preschoolers. She has served on the Positive Discipline Association Board of Directors both as a Director and Consultant from 2016-18.

During her sessions with us, Kristin will share useful strategy to tame tantrums. She will explore family leadership tools designed to intentionally create respectful environment, resilience and cooperation with children. 

Please all 312 7969400 to RSVP for the event!