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collage of essential workers who qualify for Emergency Childcare for Essential Workers at Guidepost Montessori

Across the nation, schools and daycares have closed, leaving many parents without a good childcare option when they need to work. What is already a stressful situation becomes insurmountable when parents who are essential workers have no viable options for safe childcare. Essential workers extend beyond the obvious healthcare professionals into any industry that supports the functioning of our society (i.e. food chain supply, housing, utilities, information technology and infrastructure, finance, etc...). For families that need support but do not qualify as essential workers, we have you covered also! Check out our Family Framework and Elementary album options for at-home support.

For essential workers, Guidepost Montessori answered the call by reopening 40+ campuses nationwide to provide Emergency Childcare for Essential Workers, following strict health and safety measures to keep our community healthy. 

What the parents are saying:

Almost daily, we hear from parents who are overcome with emotions and are just so grateful to be able to leave their child each day knowing that they will not only be safe but will be welcomed with love and specialized care so that they will continue to grow and thrive while they return to work. Take a moment to watch this touching news interview with a parent from our Guidepost Montessori at Folsom campus.

parent review for Guidepost Montessori Emergency Childcare for Essential Worker program during Covid19 school closures

What the children are saying:

We’ve also paused to show our gratitude for the heroes that have stepped up either on the frontlines or behind the scenes to ensure that our community is able to stay healthy but also that we are able to stay safe, and have our basic needs met. Our campuses across the United States teamed up to say “Thank You”, each in their own special ways.

Does your family qualify?

As many states move to slowly reopen, we expect more and more parents will be called back into work, making their childcare needs essential as well. Take a look at the extensive list shared by the Department of Homeland Security to see if your industry qualifies. Some of the industries who qualify include:

  • Healthcare/public health
  • Law enforcement, public safety, and other first responders
  • Food and agriculture
  • Energy (electric, petroleum, and natural gas)
  • Water and wastewater
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Public works and infrastructure support services
  • Communications and information technology
  • Critical manufacturing
  •  Hazardous materials
  • Financial services
  • Chemical
  • Defense and industrial base
  • Commercial facilities
  • Residential/shelter facilities/services
  • Hygiene products and services

If you are still unsure, please contact us so that we can help you determine the best options for your family.

What if my family doesn't qualify?

We have options for all families right now! For families who do not currently qualify for on-site care through our Emergency Childcare for Essential Workers program can take advantage of any of our other off-site options.

The Family Framework was designed to help families implement structure and routine into their homes so that everyone can work effectively together under one roof. It provides an activity bank of age-appropriate activities that will keep children actively engaged in meaningful work. The parent concierge is available to consult with you to help identify ways to help your child be more independent so that you can complete your work! It is sometimes as simple as preparing the environment so that they can reach the items they need without asking for your help. And other times, it takes a little more creativity and understanding of their developmental needs to come up with solutions that will work! 

If your family needs even more individualized support, the Family Framework Plus, connects you with one of our virtual classrooms run by a trained Montessori guide, and unlimited access to the Parent Concierge for ongoing individualized support and lesson planning. For our youngest children, we can even ship quality Montessori materials directly to your home!

For elementary-aged children, we've made our entire elementary curriculum available online so that parents can access high-quality lessons that can be implemented at home through our Elementary Album

Additionally, elementary students can enroll in a full virtual class led by a trained Montessori elementary guide. This allows the guide to completely take on the responsibility of planning and implementing lessons with the children so that students are engaged without the need for parents to lead the process.

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