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The Montessori approach works best when manifested in a whole community of like minds. We foster this community with regular school events and get-togethers.

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  • Free Webinar: Cultivating Community at a Distance

    Hosted by Guidepost Montessori

    • Thursday June 4

    • 1:00PM–2:00PM

    • Online


    Join Kin Families' CEO Britt Zaffir and Monique Steiner to discuss how families live better when they’re part of a strong community and how to achieve that with today's unique challenges and opportunities.

    Key Takeaways

    * How to maintain a sense of community while still social distancing
    *Ideas to safely rebuild your community when quarantining
    * How families can find community after quarantine
    * Why community is important (especially now more than ever) when it comes to raising a child in a city

    Guest Speakers: Britt Zaffir & Monique Steiner
    Britt Zaffir is the CEO of Kin, the first-of-its-kind housing brand designing and operating real estate to meet the changing needs of modern families. Britt started her career at Monitor Deloitte consulting for world-class hospitality companies before transitioning into formative roles at Airbnb, helping to develop localized strategies around marketing and operations analysis, and Amcor Holdings, a Canadian real estate investment and management firm. Prior to starting Kin, Britt spent three years as a senior real estate acquisitions lead at Common, working with real estate partners to expand Common's coliving footprint across the East Coast. In 2019, Britt spearheaded Kin, a joint venture between Common and Tishman Speyer, launching its first-ever family-focused residential buildings in Long Island City and Williamsburg, in addition to other markets, to be announced later this year. Today, she oversees every aspect of Kin’s operations, from growth to product development. Britt graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School and an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. She lives in New York City and loves to travel, trying delicious foods in new cities.

    Monique Steiner is head of community operations at Kin. Monique started her career in the fashion industry working for 4 years at a New York-based sustainable kids clothing start-up, art & eden. She was part of the core team to launch the brand back in 2016 and was responsible for directing the e-commerce and digital marketing division. It was at this point Monique realized her love for both the children's space and learned the importance of cultivating a community especially when building a brand. Simultaneously, Monique also spent over three years living at Common co-living and experiencing first hand the benefits of living in a supportive and creative community. Monique is excited about bringing a sense of community to the Kin residents and currently oversees all of Kin's resident experiences including event programming and partnerships. Monique is originally from Melbourne, Australia but currently lives in Brooklyn and loves to spend time exploring the city.

    Webinar Series:

    Guidepost Guests is a free weekly webinar series where experts join us to have a 1-hour open discussion with 12,000+ members from our Family Framework platform and the broader community on a variety of topics.  We have developed the Family Framework as support to help families to prepare and organize their home environments, organize their time, and plan learning activities for their children. guidepo.st/familyframework

    More Resources:

    For more free support and upcoming webinars, join our Family Framework. Other resources, support, and virtual community events are available there. guidepo.st/familyframework

  • Your Quarantined Kid Is Growing in Amazing Ways

    Hosted by Guidepost Montessori

    • Tuesday June 9

    • 1:00PM–2:00PM

    • Online

    Free Webinar: Sign Up - https://guidepo.st/letgrow

    Join us for a free webinar with Lenore Skenazy, founder of the Free-Range Kids movement, and Tracy Tomasso, executive director of Let Grow, for a discussion about the opportunities presented by this unusual school year and an approaching summer that may look a little different without live camps and other standbys for your elementary-age children.

    Key Takeaways
    *When adults step back, kids step up: The magic of being preoccupied.
    *What kids are enjoying most about this period, and how to make it last.
    *How to stop seeing wasted time as wasted time.
    *Playing doesn’t always look like total fun. That’s okay.
    *Kids are seeds. They need water to grow. Free time is the water.

    - Lenore Skenazy, president of Let Grow, founder of the Free-Range Kids movement (and book!)
    - Tracy Tomasso, executive director of Let Grow and mother of a 5-year-old Montessori student!
    Let Grow is a nonprofit that helps parents, educators, and communities give children the independence they need to grow up resourceful and resilient.

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