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Montessori at Home: A Video Series

Has your family begun to implement the Family Framework at home? We are sharing some ideas from parents about how this can look in your home with DIY Montessori materials to workspace tours.

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Emergency Childcare for Essential Workers

As families respond to the newest orders to slowly return back to work in some states, more workers will qualify for the Emergency Childcare for Essential Workers program. Learn more about how the program has already helped many families!

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Q&A with Joel Mendes: The Prepared Environment At Home

One of the most popular questions parents have with our new Parent Concierge service is how to prepare their children's home spaces using Montessori's principles of a Prepared Environment. Joel Mendes of the Prepared Montessorian shares his tips!

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Busy Work vs. Meaningful Work

Working to become a more prepared parent is not rooted in trying to achieve more than is possible, but it is rooted in optimism that – with a ton of grace – we can redirect what energy we do have to make the most of this situation we are in.

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