Intro to Montessori Nido & Toddler Program

What does Montessori look like for your Infant/Toddler child?

  • Wednesday January 27

  • 12:30PM–2:00PM

  • Online

Join our Montessori-trained program expert, Berenice Saint-Saens, to learn more about the key elements of Montessori programs for children 0 to 3 years old. She will explain in-depth how the Montessori approach aligns with your child’s natural development and curiosity. We will devote the last 30 minutes to open discussion and Q&A. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

The link to join this online event is:[0]=AT0TLAVMKyhsoNwJ0IV5c48fSZG8Uu_Yx48sZB8_S3MuDUqvm2PE-Nfg6NZN8Ws0Sudob7R6yvWxRBY89yz8QmCZpCuKKYpT0kWZfy5kb_ZqxIP5k93CVndYOUmdVUwsNbdejMYS1uV2Y6I1U0ghTbde.

Before the event, please download the Zoom Meeting software at Please note that this will take 5-10 minutes to set up if this is your first time working with Zoom.

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