In-home Nanny Sharing

Find a family and share a nanny to begin your ideal childcare experience at home

Currently offered in a few select cities, our nanny sharing program is a matching service for families who would like to share Montessori-trained nannies. Using our platform, we'll coordinate the matching process between your family and those in your neighborhood, then set you up with everything you need to hire a vetted and trained nanny.

Our Nanny Sharing Program

Guidepost at Home’s Nanny Sharing program is different to your typical nanny-sharing agency. Our approach is fused with our devotion to high-quality Montessori learning, delivering you an outstanding option for both loving care and sound early education outside our physical campuses.

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    Montessori Materials at Home

    We provide materials to prepare your home as an ideal Montessori environment; each of our nannies is accompanied with a custom home setup.

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    Access to Our Schools

    Even if your child is too young or is waitlisted to attend one of our schools, you can gain access to school and community events for your child’s socialization and enrichment.

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    High-Quality Montessori Care

    Your nanny receives Guidepost Montessori's 18-month training course. We know your child is incredibly precious, and we vet our nannies thoroughly.

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Here's how you set up a Nanny Share by matching with a family and a nanny through Guidepost at Home’s family matching platform.

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    1. Build Your Profile

    Who are you? What are your childcare needs? Tell us about your family! Sign up on the Guidepost at Home’s family matching platform and build your family's care profile.

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    2. Match with a Family

    Search our platform for the best partner family based on location, personalities, care needs, etc. Then, meet them to decide if it’s a match.

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    3. Hire Your Nanny

    Select a vetted and trained nanny. Review their profile and qualifications, then meet to determine if they are a good fit for both families.

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    4. Start Your Care

    We provide you with everything you need to set up an immersive prepared environment, so your family can enjoy incredible in-home Montessori care.

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