Our Staff

  • Kassarah Gudmunson, Early Years Lead Guide

    Kassarah has had a passion for the Montessori Method since she was a teenager. She began her Montessori teaching journey while she was a nanny in high school, where she organized stations for one child in the comfort of their home. Fascinated by how the child reacted to the prepared environment, Kassarah researched Maria Montessori in her free time to deepen her understanding of human behavior. She attended a non-traditional, Socratic-style high school, built off the principles of Montessori, which furthered her passion for independent exploration and education by experiencing the method from a student's perspective. At Colorado Christian University, she pursued behavioral neuroscience, where she studied the human brain and how it retains information. In 2018, she moved to back to her hometown of Leander, Texas to raise her family. After a year as a stay at home mom, Kassarah directed her passion for education and early childhood development to her career at Guidepost Montessori. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and experimenting with taste in the dishes she prepares for her family.

  • Jen Rothmeyer, Early Years Lead Guide

    Ms. Jen earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology with Honors and master's degree in Montessori Teacher Education. She holds a Montessori Early Childhood Credential from the American Montessori Society. Ms. Rothmeyer has over six years' experience teaching in early childhood with experience both in family child care and a child care center. In her free time, Ms. Rothmeyer enjoys reading books, gardening, and spending time with her husband and four children.

  • Jessica Judd, Early Years Lead Guide

    Ms. Jessica holds a Montessori Primary Certification from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training center in Costa Rica. She is in love with exploring the world and her journey around the earth began in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her voyage continued when she moved to Minnesota where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies. Life brought Ms. Jessica back to Albuquerque where she taught Italian to high school students and this is where she fell madly in love with teaching! The earth kept spinning and Jessica found her feet planted in Madrid, Spain where she completed her Master’s in Bilingual and Multicultural Education. She had the most amazing experience teaching young children English and this brought her into the wonderful world of Montessori. Ms. Jessica was enthused to complete her Children’s House training in Costa Rica. After receiving her training she jumped right into working at a Montessori school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her favorite thing about Montessori is helping children explore and learn about the amazing world in which they live. She is very excited to use all of her experiences to help connect with children around the world in the new and exciting world of virtual learning! Ms. Jessica loves to mountain bike, hike, surf, snowboard, practice yoga, garden, travel, and spend time with her friends and family.

  • Lucy Chen, Early Years and Kindergarten Mandarin Lead Guide

    Ms. Lucy Chen earned her master's degree in developmental psychology from Teachers College at Columbia University. She also holds a Montessori Early Childhood Credential from the American Montessori Society (AMS). Thanks to years of studying the cognitive and neurological benefits associated with bilingualism, Ms. Chen has become a strong advocate of early childhood second-language exposure. She has many years of experience teaching at various schools and is simply fascinated by the Montessori Method. Ms. Chen is thrilled to continue her passion for guiding children in developing into the fullest expression of themselves in the beautiful Montessori environments that Guidepost provides. It is with great pleasure and excitement that she has joined the Guidepost community!

  • Carissa OBrien, Kindergarten Lead Guide

    Carissa was a student in her mother's Primary classroom as a child and has been in classrooms as a student or teacher ever since. She earned a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UCSC, an AMI Diploma from Montessori Northwest and a Master's Degree in Education from Loyola College in 2004. She has taught at schools in Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. Carissa is dedicated to serving children throughout the country through her work as a Virtual Guide. In her free time she enjoys trying new recipes, tending her garden and exploring the NW wilderness with her husband, two children and their adventurous pug.

  • Ellen Feather, Elementary Lead Guide

    Ellen Feather earned her Masters of Education from Loyola University, and her AMI Montessori Certification from the Montessori Institute of Atlanta. Ms. Feather was a Montessori child. The philosophies of appreciation, exploration, independence and interdependence drew her into becoming a Montessori Guide at the age of 27. Almost 10 years later she is still inspired by Montessori's vision of the child as a hope for humankind and wishes to serve the world by inspiring children to become their best selves. In her free time Ms. Feathers lives an eclectic life with her husband on a sailboat. She hopes to travel the world while teaching. She enjoys playing the violin, guitar, singing, gardening, dancing, being in nature, and connecting to local communities.

  • Rachel Webb, Elementary Lead Guide

    Ms. Webb earned a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Eckerd College and a Master’s in Education from Loyola College.  She also holds a Montessori Elementary certificate from Association Montessori Internationale.  Ms. Webb started her teaching career seventeen years ago teaching science in a traditional school in St. Petersburg, Florida but moved home to Missouri to be closer to family.  She was hired as an Elementary Guide in a Montessori school, where she established and guided an Upper Elementary classroom for fourteen years.  In her free time, Ms. Webb loves swimming, hiking, and spending time with her husband, son, and three rescue dogs.

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