Our Kindergarten Community

Virtual schooling for ages 5-6

A hands-on Montessori learning experience that provides the foundations for the elementary years.

Guidepost Montessori’s online kindergarten program provides a virtual kindergarten year, with a Montessori guide, lessons, and materials.

The Montessori approach will connect your child with math and literacy in a way that affords enduring independent understanding. And your child will connect socially with a virtual classroom community.

It’s a kindergarten experience that brings Montessori to you, your home, and your child, equipping them with an academic foundation and social development skills. We operate the program in conjunction with Guidepost Family Framework, our approach to bridging school to home by equipping families with resources and support.


A day in the kindergarten virtual community includes:

Class Meeting Time. The Virtual Classroom runs 90 minutes a day, Monday through Friday. During this time, your child’s educator will offer lessons in the Montessori curriculum, focusing primarily on math and reading and writing skills, as well as doing some Practical Life and movement activities.

Electives. In addition to morning class time, your child will be invited to afternoon “electives,” where they will be able to join classes such as yoga, art, and Mandarin or Spanish. There will be additional math and language lessons once or twice a week.

Offline Parenting Support

Distance learning at this age complements your child being able to complete follow-up activities at home while offline. Although we will not physically be in your home to enable these activities, we’ll do everything we can to help support you in creating the conditions in which your child can be successful outside of class, including:

An initial home setup consult. We will help you set up your home environment, and we’ll send you a set of basic materials (this is included in the fee, and at no extra cost to you).

Parent Concierge access. You will have a designated expert at your fingertips! Meet with your Parent Concierge as often as you like, and they’ll help you set up routines, offer suggestions, and troubleshoot any issues you may be having at home.

A regular check in meeting with your child’s Virtual Guide.In these meetings, you can discuss what your child is working on in class, and how you can give support at home. Your guide will also walk you through how to work with any materials that are used with the Montessori program.

Community Access

If you’re near a Guidepost campus, you are invited to be a part of live events and join a larger community.

For parents, enrollment offers access to a global community of other families seeking to apply Montessori principles. You’ll even be able to take our parent training for free—or enroll in our full Montessori teacher training certificate course.

And should you choose, when you’re ready, you’ll be able to easily enroll your child in a local Guidepost school.

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