Our Infant Parent & Child Community

A virtual schooling approach for children ages 0-2, and their parents

Young children need real-world engagement and the love and support of a locally present adult. Our virtual parent-and-child program helps with both.

We offer parents support and guidance in working toward a harmonious daily routine for your child, one where each of you has stretches of independent work. And we offer children impactful virtual experiences that help shape their mostly offline days in a Montessori way.

  • For you: online resources and high-touch, online, personalized support. Our Montessori parenting experts will create an engaging schedule of activities for you and your child, and guide you through the process of setting expectations and establishing routines on a regular basis.

  • For your child: virtual touch points and guidance: a circle time with follow-up activities, personalized Montessori presentations, and elective virtual programming such as yoga, dance, and art. All with a Montessori-trained guide.

  • For your home: kits of Montessori materials tuned to your child, and consultation to optimize your home setup for your child’s independence.

There is no substitute for the presence of live adult mentors helping in the development of young children. Our virtual Montessori guides can connect with children and provide a virtual role model, while equipping parents and caregivers with tools and insights to do so at home. Together, we work toward routine, concentrated work, diffusing challenging moments, and allowing for adults to have stretches of time to work, relax, and just be adults!

Guidepost at Home

Need more time for yourself and care for your child? We can also bring educators to you or to a small group of children in a home setting with our Guidepost at Home program.

Guidepost at Home brings quality Montessori care into your home with a Montessori-trained nanny or educator. And whether you’re looking for a nanny to share with another family at one of your homes, small group pods, and/or full homeschool support, we can help.

Program Elements

To start, we offer an initial home setup consult, in which we help you set up an environment and send you a basic set of materials, all included in your enrollment fee. As you continue, you’ll receive a regular package kit of educational Montessori materials, equipping you and your child to foster growth and independence.

Then, as you begin in earnest, we’ll pair you with a Guidepost Parent Concierge: a team member who can offer expert, unlimited parent guidance in setting up routines, troubleshooting issues, and managing your time.

Each day is a day structured by virtual touch points between your child and a Montessori guide. Mornings include:

  • Virtual circle time, combined with offline follow up activity

  • Morning lessons through collaboration and direction of your child’s guide.

Afternoons include:

  • Independent work inspired by morning lessons

  • Daily elective special virtual programming (yoga, dance, etc.)


As your child grows, so do the virtual benefits. You’ll have:

  • Regular Parent and Child virtual experiences, learning to work together with your child with games, songs, and developmentally appropriate engagement

  • A weekly parent meet-up to chat as a group on specific infant and toddler related topics, led by a Montessori expert with tips and tricks for aiding your child’s growth

Offline Parenting Support

Distance learning at this age complements your child being able to complete follow-up activities at home while offline. Although we will not physically be in your home to enable these activities, we will do everything we can to help you create the conditions in which your child can be successful outside of class, including:

An initial home setup consult. We will help you set up your home environment, and send you a set of basic materials (this is included in the fee, and at no extra cost to you).

Parent Concierge access. You will have a designated expert at your fingertips! You can meet with your Parent Concierge as often as you like for help in setting up routines, for suggestions, or for handling any issues you may be having at home.

A regular check in meeting with your child’s Virtual Guide. In these meetings, you can discuss what your child is working on in class, and how you can give support at home. And your guide will show you how to work with any of the materials that are used in the Montessori program.

Community Access

If you’re near a Guidepost campus, you are welcome to take part in any live events and to join a larger community.

For parents, enrollment offers access to a global community of other families seeking to apply Montessori principles. You’ll even be able to take our parent training for free—or enroll in our full Montessori teacher training certificate course.

And should you choose, when you’re ready, you’ll be able to easily enroll your child in a local Guidepost school.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this program designed for children of younger ages?

    We understand that the youngest of children do not connect very meaningfully through a computer screen; therefore, our program is designed to grow with your child as their ability to learn through a virtual connection increases. We also understand that adult interaction is crucial. Our program equips and empowers parents to continue the learning that begins online into the rest of their offline experiences in the following ways:

    • Two weekly Movement and Sound Parent and Child virtual experiences: our educators support you to share songs, stories, and games with your child inspiring active participation and modeling to interact in thoughtful and meaningful ways with your child. These classes are led by an experienced Montessori Guide, training to work with families of young children.

    • A weekly virtual parent-meet up: an opportunity to come together as a community to discuss specific infant and toddler related topics. These are also led by a Montessori expert who will share with you tips and tricks for aiding your child’s growth at home.

    • Through partnering with Monti Kids, a leading supplier of in-home Montessori materials delivered to your home, you will receive quarterly kits of Montessori materials designed for just the right time in their rapid development.

    • Access to Monti Kids’ online portal: educational videos empowering you to introduce the materials to your child in just the right way to encourage their natural desire to grow and learn.

    • In-Home prepared environment consultation: our team of prepared environment experts will work with you to optimize your home setup for your child’s independence.

  • What is the daily schedule?

    The day combines intentional offline experiences with the virtual online gatherings that add up to a full, productive day at home. Here’s a sample schedule for download that combines what we recommend for the full day and what your child will receive through virtual events. Please note that these are sample times that may be different depending on your time zone.

  • What if my child has trouble focusing for 90 minutes?

    We do not expect children this age to be 100% engaged with the virtual class, 100% of the time! It is perfectly natural for your child to be more interested in some activities and not others. Joining classes online is challenging for this age group and like other skills, requires some practice! The cadence of the lesson will allow for movement activities interspersed with those that require attention on the screen. The Guide is trained to find new and exciting “hooks” to draw your child’s attention back to a lesson, based on their interest in specific topics. Additionally, you and your child’s guide will have regular check-in meetings to troubleshoot any issues that may come up and discuss any questions that you may have along the way. Like adjusting to any new school, we view this transition as a process, and we have many tools to help your child and your family adjust to the virtual program!

    It is helpful to establish a “classroom workspace” for your child. Ideally, this can be at a table with your child's working materials close by and easily accessible. (Paper and writing/coloring materials are highly recommended to have on hand). Your child’s Guide will update each family with any additional materials that are needed weekly. Some children enjoy preparing and enjoying a snack during class as well!

    Invite (but do not force) your child to do any other activities in front of the camera. This way, the other children can observe, and your child can listen in on the lesson being presented.

  • How much support with my child need during the virtual lesson?

    There is no magic answer to this, but we do want to set the expectation that they will need more support in the first few days and weeks and will grow continuously more independent and confident as time goes on. For the first few days, we do recommend that an adult is available as your child adjusts to the virtual class. A student’s individual facility with new skills will vary depending on their age, experience, and motivation. You can support them in building endurance, persistence, and independence by being there at first, and “showing” rather than “doing.”

    After the first few days, expect some questions to arise as new tasks and challenges come up and be patient with yourselves and your children as things get underway and strong habits are built. During the second week, your child will likely become more focused, independent, and engaged for longer periods of time, and by the third week, their level of independence and interaction will typically be what you can expect moving forward.

    We will continue to scaffold the parent and student experience over the first few weeks and offer individualized support with any challenges that arise.

  • What does parent communication look like?

    Distance learning at this age is complemented when your child can complete follow up activities at home while offline. Although we will not physically be in your home to enable these activities, we will do everything we can to help support you in creating the conditions for your child to be successful outside of class, including:

    • An initial home setup consult: We will help you set up your home environment and send you a set of basic materials (this will be included in the fee, and at no additional cost to you).

    • Parent Concierge access: You will have a designated expert at your fingertips! You can meet with your Parent Concierge as often as you like to help you set up routines, offer suggestions, or troubleshoot any issues you may be having at home.

    • A regular check-in meeting with your child’s Virtual Guide: In these meetings, you can discuss what your child is working on in class, and how you can support at home. Your Guide will also walk you through how to work with any materials in alignment with the Montessori program. As a part of this, and through email communication, your guide will help you design lessons and activities for offline learning as well as provide you with how you can best prepare supplies and materials on a given day to match the lessons they will receive during their virtual class times.

  • How do I know my child is learning?

    Your biggest resource is your child’s guide! They will share with you in regular check-in meetings and through email communication in between about the lessons and activities your child is engaged in and how those activities develop conceptual understanding. In addition, the guides will be planning and tracking understanding and with this knowledge, they will create custom reports twice per year to show progress.

  • Is Guidepost Montessori Virtual School (GMVS) an accredited school?

    Through its parent, Higher Ground Education Inc., GMVS is a candidate for system accreditation with Cognia/NCA CASI, NWAC, and SACS CASI. Cognia is a private entity not associated with any government agency and is the world’s largest education improvement organization. We have earned accreditation candidacy status through initial review. Here is a letter describing our accreditation candidacy status with Cognia.

  • Is GMVS licensed as a private school?

    GMVS’s status varies state by state. It’s important to note that many states where we operate don’t have a “licensing” scheme for private schools. Higher Ground and Guidepost currently operate brick and mortar private schools in 14 states with local government approvals, where required. In the states where we have brick and mortar schools, we are approved to offer our programming and GMVS programming will fulfill compulsory education rules. We also have determined that our schools qualify as a private school in 23 states that do not have required licensing. We are currently seeking private school approval in 14 other states and the District of Columbia.

  • Do you offer any kind of financial aid or discounts?

    We offer a 10% sibling discount from one tuition for the younger child and we have a financial aid program. Our goal was to make this program as affordable as possible, so only limited funds are left for financial aid. Please apply early if you’re interested!

  • How does socialization/peer contact work at a distance?

    We are intentional about creating a sense of community and building in opportunities for children to collaborate and socialize with each other, which is why the classes have only 10 students in them. There is time built into each class for the students to engage in conversation and make connections to each other and the Guide, sometimes around a group snack gathering and at other times by book readings that encourage a discussion. In addition, we integrate rituals (spoken appreciations at birthdays), special projects (baking pizza or ice cream in a bag!), and games (can you find something orange and bumpy in your room and show it to us?) to foster connection.

  • How will you assess my child's learning?

    Ongoing and informal assessment happens daily when the teacher presents a new lesson and through daily observation of the child’s work. The Guide will keep you informed about your child’s progress in your check-in meetings. The Guide will follow the same curriculum sequence as an in-person Montessori program, which aligns with Core Curriculum standards for each state. The engaging Montessori curriculum allows children to progress through lessons at their own pace, based on their motivation and interest in subject areas, while we ensure that they are introduced to core skills crucial for each year of development.

  • Montessori requires hands-on manipulatives. How will you do this at home?

    Many of the hands-on materials have been effectively reproduced in digital form or paper form. For example, we have either sourced, or created ourselves, reproductions of the Golden Beads, the Movable Alphabet, and the Spindle Box, just to name a few.

    Other materials can be easily reproduced with everyday homemade objects. We have a plethora of quick and easy substitutes for materials like the Cards and Counters or the Color Box using materials like construction paper, paper clips, and beans.

    To make this as simple as possible for you, we will ship a “starter kit” to you with different contents depending on your child’s age. For infants through age two, this will be beautifully designed, wooden Montessori materials aimed at supporting learning at the exact moment your child is ready. For children two and older, we will send a combination of basic learning supplies like paper, art supplies, and more. In addition, you will receive materials designed for learning with the Montessori approach: practical life activities, at-home reproductions of the materials that are found in Montessori classrooms but made with laminated paper instead of the wooden and metal materials that would take up your whole home if we sent!

    After your initial set up, you will receive replenishment kits of materials about every three months while enrolled in the program.

    Lastly, some math concepts don’t need specialized materials—in fact, they are best taught embedded in Practical Life activities! This includes mastering money (use real money!), measurement (use measuring cups, rulers, tape measures!), graphing (pie, bar, and linear), and of course word problems.

  • Will I need to purchase special materials or supplies?

    No. We will be shipping your child's supplies and materials to you on a regular basis. These shipments will consist of a mixture of Montessori materials and child-constructed materials. Of course, if you’d like to supplement the learning with more permanent Montessori materials, you are welcome to and we can help you source the best ones.

  • Are your teachers Montessori trained? Are they prepared for teaching in a virtual setting?

    Yes! All our lead teachers (Guides) are Montessori trained, with many having ample teaching experience both in the public and private sectors. All our faculty is supported by a central Montessori coaching and professional development team to ensure they are set up for success in a virtual learning environment.

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