How to Think about Covid-19 and Children

  • Wednesday May 27

  • 2:00PM–3:00PM

  • Online

Key Take Aways:

  • What we know (and what we don't know) about Covid-19 and its affect on children and schools
  • How do we think about and make predictions based on conflicting, and constantly changing information from different sources?
  • How to evaluate the quality and objectivity of information and detect biases
  • Will there be a second wave in the fall and if so how should schools respond?

Guest Speaker: Dr. Emily Oster

Dr. Emily Oster is a Professor of Economics at Brown. Her work has extended her thinking about research methodology in econometrics to issues of parenting and child development. She's the best-selling author of "Expecting Better" and "Cribsheet" and has recently turned her talent for sifting through and thinking through data to the COVID19 pandemic.

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