Montessori: A Practical Approach to Toddler Development

Free Webinar

  • Wednesday March 25

  • 2:00PM–3:00PM

  • Online

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This Webinar will discuss:
*Why Montessori is perfect for toddlers and their budding independence
*Parts of a Montessori environment
*The importance of Practical Life - now and in later academics
*How to introduce Practical Life at home  

Presented by: Ellie Venegas
Ellie is a Montessori Mentor for Higher Ground Education with a background in Early Childhood Education.  Her love for Montessori started over five years ago, and she has gained experience in Infant and Toddler communities and with Guidepost Montessori’s Spanish Immersion programs.  Ellie is inspired by young children’s budding independence and the dedicated educators who guide them.  It has been a rewarding experience for her to partner with Guidepost teachers and provide quality learning environments in our communities.