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Montessori programming designed for the home, serving families from birth through elementary

We are passionate about community as much as we are passionate about high-fidelity Montessori pedagogy. As parents ourselves, we know that the key to at-home learning rests in a cohesive community—one where we are supported, informed and empowered to guide our children on their individualized paths.

Our children thrive when given an environment that treats them as capable, and we too, thrive in an environment that promotes our growth—because the truth is, we are never done learning.

Join our Montessori community, online and in-home—wherever you are in your parenting journey!

Distance Learning for Children Ages 0-6

Designed for children ages 0-6, this online learning platform connects Montessori educators with parents and homeschoolers who are looking for clear, collaborative at-home guidance. Our goal is not just to equip you with vetted Montessori resources to prepare your child’s learning, but to help you build a tangible “Family Framework” that prepares you as the adult. Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. We’re here to help!

Distance Learning for Children Ages 6-12

The shift from a child’s “absorbent mind” to the “conscious mind” is filled with an incredible love of learning, curiosity and creativity. And, with much more independence, our elementary students work online, directly with our world-class Montessori educators—lifting the burden of schoolwork logistics off of parents’ schedules. With us, your child will lead the way in areas of math, history, language arts, science, art and literature.

In-home Nanny Share

This program is for families seeking affordable, in-home childcare the Montessori way, from birth through age 3. Using our platform, we coordinate the matching process between your family and those in your neighborhood, and then set you up with everything you need to hire a vetted and trained Guidepost Montessori nanny.

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