Guidepost Elementary Parent Spotlight: Meet Dr. Larissa Naber


Guidepost Montessori’s elementary network expanded its reach internationally with the opening of our Vienna campus in September 2019. This new site offers the same high-fidelity Montessori as our Guidepost elementary programs in the U.S. with the added benefit of bilingual instruction in German and English.  

The bilingual aspect was one of the many features that attracted Larissa Naber, parent of a third-grader who joined the program after attending traditional Austrian schools. Larissa, who holds a doctorate in technical sciences, values quality education and Montessori’s holistic approach to the child.  

“We were very enthusiastic to go for a bilingual international concept, especially to go for a concept with Montessori pedagogy where kids are encouraged to explore by themselves, to progress at their own speed and will never be told off for asking too many questions!” Larissa said. 

What stands out about Larissa’s Guidepost parent experience? “The international flair, the people. It’s fantastic stuff we have here at our school. I can tell by the way she acts at home she has really enjoyed her day. She has been provided with enough intellectual stimuli to engage her for the day.” 

Just a few weeks into the school year, Larissa said that she can already see how her daughter is benefiting from the focus on independence and nurturing her joy of learning. Larissa appreciates how the Montessori approach can be tailored to meet the needs of a child’s individual intellectual and emotional development. She felt traditional schooling missed the mark in those respects. 

“We were very lucky to come across the Guidepost Montessori,” Larissa shared. “It’s very convenient for us because we live in the close vicinity, but even if we had been further away, we probably would have chosen it!” 

Guidepost Montessori provides authentic, child-centered education for children ages 0 to 12. With over 80 campuses across the US and Asia, and at-home and virtual learning programs serving more than 5,000 families worldwide, Guidepost is the world’s largest Montessori network.

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