Enchantment and Social-Emotional Learning in Times of Strife: A Conversation with Chloé Valdary


6/10, Enchantment and Social-Emotional Learning in Times of Strife

with Chloé Valdary

11 am PT / 12 pm MT / 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET
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Join us for a free webinar with Chloe Valdary, developer of The Theory of Enchantment, where we will discuss the Social-Emotional development of children and the role of educators in helping them develop healthy, happy relationships with themselves and others, and reach their maximum potential.

Key Takeaways

*How the Theory of Enchantment curriculum inspires students to seek out human potential
*How the capacity to engage with others starts with self-reflection
*Why and how education and social-emotional learning, in particular, is more important during times of social strife
*The varieties of ways students grapple with injustice, and how educators can help

Guest Speaker: Chloé Valdary

After spending a year as a Bartley fellow at the Wall Street Journal, Chloé Valdary developed The Theory of Enchantment, an innovative framework for social-emotional learning (SEL), character development, and interpersonal growth that uses pop culture as an educational tool in the classroom and beyond. 

Chloé has trained around the world, including in South Africa, The Netherlands, Germany, and Israel. Her clients have included high school and college students, government agencies, business teams, + many more. 

She has also lectured in universities across America, including Harvard and Georgetown. Her work has been covered in Psychology Today Magazine and her writings have appeared in the New York Times and the Wall St Journal.

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