Nurturing Your Child's Growth Mindset

Michelle Becka, Montessori Primary Trainer

  • Thursday May 3

  • 6:30PM–8:30PM

  • Guidepost Montessori at Foothill Ranch

In recent years, popular psychology has begun to embrace the importance of certain basic character traits, believed to be highly impactful in pursuing a fulfilling life. For instance, over the last decade, Carol Dweck has reached popular acclaim for her work on something called “growth mindset”—a deep belief that an adult or a child can have, in viewing his or her own abilities as something that can expand and grow, as opposed to something that is set or pre-determined. The formation of a growth mindset (along with other character traits, such as the trait psychologists call “grit”) takes place largely in early childhood. As parents and educators, we are keenly interested to know how! In this talk, Montessori teacher trainer Michelle Becka, of the highly-regarded teacher training center, Montessori Northwest, joins us for a stimulating conversation about how we can foster the development of positive mental habits and self-conceptions in children.

About Michelle Becka

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Michelle Becka obtained her BA in Sociology from The University of Arizona in 1994. After moving to Portland, she discovered Montessori education. She attended Montessori (Institute) Northwest when it was located in Oregon City, and graduated with her Primary Diploma from MNW and her Masters in Education from Loyola University Maryland in 1997. Michelle worked as a Primary teacher for 17 years at Childpeace Montessori in northwest Portland, and became a Primary Trainer at MNW in 2017. Over the years, she has done many workshops on topics such as non-violent communication, positive phrasing, helping children solve conflict, and yoga with children.

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